10 Leap Athletes Qualify for FINA World Championships

Derek Mitchum
October 14, 2021
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A total of 10 Leap athletes qualified across all categories and age groups for the FINA World Championships to be held in Buffalo NY October 16-17, 2021. Athletes qualify by completing an certified course with no falls and within a strict time limit. They can qualify on an Endurance or Speed Course. Category are based on their age on January 1, 2021. For example, if you are 7 years old on January 1, 2021, you would compete in the 7U category.

Five athletes qualified on Endurance courses and six athletes qualified on speed courses. For more information about the event, go to http://fina.ninja


7U - Lane Finley (Endurance), Enzo Sondgeroth (Endurance and Speed)

9U - Flora Caputo-Wilkowski (Endurance and Speed), Kye Thompson (Speed)

11U - Becca Meyers (Endurance), Porter Willie (Speed), Reya Caputo-Wilkowski (Speed)

13U - Adelyn Ommen (Endurance and Speed), Lily Ommen (Speed)

16+ - Caleb Parrish (Speed)

The four athletes in bold (Enzo, Flora, Porter, and Reya) are headed to Buffalo, NY to compete in the FINA(Federation of Ninja Athletics) Season II – World Championships October 16& 17, 2021.  They will all do a great job representing Laramie, Leap, and their families.


The four athletes headed to Buffalo in action...

Enzo Sondgeroth - Ready to Leap!

Flora Caputo-Wilkowski - Swinging around all day

Porter Willie 

Porter Willie - super fast and focused

Reya - Sunshine

Ninja Team - Climbing the walls at Leap

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