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Meet Our CoachesSeries: Destin Gabbidon
Derek Mitchum
September 1, 2021
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Meet Our Coaches Series: Destin Gabbidon


At the heart of the LEAP community isa team of experienced coaches dedicated to helping others achieve a healthylifestyle, new fitness goals, and encouraging each client -- big or small – tounlock their full potential. Our coaches deliver guidance to inspire ‘ninjas’to be more joyful, healthy, and confident. 


A Laramie native, Destin Gabbidon has been coaching atLEAP since February 2021.  He discoveredLEAP while passing by and after some encouragement from some friends, andcircled back to check it out. The rest is history. Destin was hooked on thefriendly atmosphere, the incredible facility, and the community of people. Whenthe opportunity arose to work and play, he leaptat the chance.


During his time at LEAP, Destin has had the opportunity tocoach athletes of all ages and levels.


While Destin is an experience ninja with impressive skillsand athleticism that comes in handy while training more competitive athletes,he is a fan-favorite among the ‘littles’ in the gym. Affectionately dubbed“Bestin” by some of the smaller clientele, Destin is incredibly engaging and knownfor his infectious energy and spark.


“I spend most of my time with the more advanced students and itis amazing watching kids push themselves to better than they were the daybefore,” he says. “But I love the days I get to work with the younger kids.There is something about that freedom and joy that they display that brings joyand light into my life.”


A lifelong athlete, Destin has played in many sportsincluding football and soccer.  He saysthat training at LEAP has benefitted him both in terms of his fitness andmobility.


“Leap helps me train my body to be as fit and healthy aspossible,” he says. “I think that Leap is a cool facility with equipment thatI've never seen before and it helps me train my body in ways I had neverthought about previously which has improved my overall health.”


While LEAP has obvious advantages to help achieve fitnessgoals, Bestin stresses that the best part about it is the people. Being part ofa fitness community and a shared camaraderie is what makes the place fun.


“What I find to be the best part about working at Leap isgetting to know the families that come in here,” he comments. “No two familiesare ever alike but getting to know and interact with all those differentpersonalities and watching the kids grow makes my day.”


Bestin took a chance and tried something new. Heencourages others to do the same.


“I think that other people should come to Leap because weare family here, we're all about having fun and trying new things, and there isnothing better than expanding your horizons and discovering new capabilities.”

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