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Meet our coaches series: Jon Gosselin
Derek Mitchum
September 1, 2021
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Meet Our Coaches Series: Jon Gosselin

At the heart of the LEAP community is a team of experienced coaches dedicated to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle, new fitness goals, and encouraging each client -- big or small – to unlock their full potential. Our coaches deliver guidance to inspire ‘ninjas’ to be more joyful, healthy, and confident.

Coach Jon Gosselin is one of the most recognizable faces at LEAP. An extremely talented athlete, Gosselin has shined as a professional ninja competitor as well as a dedicated coach. Either way, he can often be found at LEAP – teaching, changing up the obstacles, or playing.

Also known as the ‘Monkey King,’ Gosselin grew up in Jacksonville, FL, but calls Laramie home. He joined the LEAP family after his wife brought him to the gym opening day as birthday present. In it, he found a new sense of community and belonging.

Check out this video of Jon in action.

A lifelong athlete, he has played softball, practiced karate, and is helping to bring positive attention to the burgeoning sport of ninja athletics and helping to redefine obstacle course racing. He credits his time at LEAP for improving his speed, agility, and strength.

He recently competed in the 2021 Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) World Series Final Championships in Las Vegas.  Now he is gearing up to help prepare obstacles and our ninja team for the upcoming Federation of International Ninja Athletics (FINA) World Championship Qualifier competition that will be hosted by LEAP.   More details here.

While Gosselin has a gift for athleticism, he finds an even deeper purpose in coaching.

“I have always loved teaching and coaching,” says Gosselin. “I love that my job gives me the opportunity to mentor character while also improving the fitness of my students.”

With an eye towards growing the sport and helping the next generation have new and exciting opportunities, Gosselin’s favorite group to coach is team.

“Coaching team allows me to work with kids on more challenging skills and techniques, and focus on their individual training needs more effectively,” says Gosselin

Don’t make the mistake of being intimidated by his abilities. Gosselin is eager to share his knowledge and impart wisdom on clients of any age or skill level – the wisest lesson he has to offer is to simply remember to have fun.

“I think Leap has something to offer everyone who is willing to put in effort,” comments Gosselin. “There is no fitness starting point too low, and there are challenges for even the highest level of athletes here. I come for the joy I get out of training myself and others, and I recommend others do the same.”

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