UNAA Finals Update from Las Vegas

Jon and Flora qualify for finals in Las Vegas for the UNAA World Series Finals Season 7.
Derek Mitchum
July 23, 2022
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What an amazing day at the UNAA Ninja Finals in Las Vegas. All six athletes from LEAP had amazing runs in the prelims.

Two of our athletes places high enough in prelims to qualify for the finals. Jon Gosselin qualified in the pro division, by placing 14th out of 76 athletes. Flora Caputo-Wilkowski had an amazing run and placed 4th out of 88 athletes in the 9 & Under division. Flora cleared all 19 obstacles in route to her 4th place finish in the prelims.

Jon Gosselin - Pro - 14th out of 76 athletes, 9 of 11 points, Time 2:47.07

Michael Berreth - 13U - 57th out of 164 athletes,17 of 19 points, Time 2:30.44

Flora Caputo-Wilkowski - 9U - 4th out 88, 19 of 19 points, Time 3:13.31

Alma Ommen - 9U - 22 out of 88 - 17 of 19 points, Time 3:52.71

Adelyn Ommen - 13U -129 out of 165 - 13 of 19 points - Time 2:55.00

Lily Ommen - 13Y - 147 out of 165 - 10 of 19 points - Time 2:10.17

According to the UNAA rules, the athletes score points when they finish obstacles and then they get a time when they finish the course. If an athlete has 3 failed obstacles their run is over. Athletes with the most points go to the top of the leaderboard. If there is a tie on points, then they are ordered by fastest time.

You can view the finals on YouTube TV.

The pro event can be found here ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNsVaBX0rAU

The 9U event can be found here ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zh7pz8Db2U&list=TLPQMjMwNzIwMjL3TK4ElVStWg&index=2

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