Haden Wheeler


National Ninja Finals Qualifier.

Second Place OCR Finisher.

5 Year Regional Qualifying Gymnast.

Top 10 State Diver


4 Years Gymnastics Coach

1 Year Ninja Coach

About Coach

Through my younger years, I participated in many sports including soccer, wrestling, and Tae Kwon Doe None of them I was passionate about. At 10 I found gymnastics which immediately became my sole focus. I competed up until my sophomore year of High School when I decided to try other sports, including pole vault and diving. I placed ninth at state in diving my junior year helping my team win state champions. After graduation, I started my college career at the University of Wyoming as a Criminal Justice major. I again struggled to find an activity I was passionate about I tried rock climbing and racquetball, both of which I very much enjoyed. In my 3rd year, I decided to study in New Orleans through an exchange program. While there I found Ninja, I had found a sport I was passionate about again. I began coaching at the local gym while training for nearby competitions. I qualified for the NNL national finals and placed second in a local OCR race. Coming home and seeing that Laramie had a brand new gym I was very excited to get the opportunity to continue training and helping others.

Turning Point

When I started gymnastics it was my coach who helped spark my passion and help me find the motivation to push myself to be the best gymnast I could be. After moving and leaving my home gym that passion wore away as the coaching staff at my new gym did not have the talent my old coach did at pushing the students. I competed for a few more years but as my improvements flatlined I decided to try other sports. It was not until I graduated that I realized just how much passion I had for gymnastics as I never found another sport which sparked that drive. after finding Ninja I new I had that back and I loved to be in the gym whether it was helping kids improve on their favorite skills or improving myself.

Motivation & Passion

I myself believe the importance of passion in any activity you are doing. I hope to help athletes find their passion in fitness.

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