Olivia Cate

Ninja Warrior Coach

Made the Varsity Girls Golf Team, Swing Dancing for 3 years, Good with children, Able to learn quickly and am a team player, Great people person and communicator, Learned how to do the ninja obstacles quickly, Completed a 16 mile backpacking trip in 3.5 days, Was able to do a Double Black EX ski trail my second season of skiing


Currently a Junior in the Kinesiology and Health Promotion at University of Wyoming, Swing Dance Instructor of 2 years, Played Volleyball for 3 years and soccer for 2 years, Am able to do most obstacles at the LEAP gym, I love to get kids active especially if it can be in a fun and exciting way.

About Coach

My first sports growing up were soccer and volleyball but was later introduced to golf in high school. I fell in love with the sport because one doesn’t necessarily need to be extremely athletic and it takes a lot of mental skill as well. I continue to play this sport as long as the sun is shining. In my senior year of high school, after I decided to attend the University of Wyoming, I made the decision to choose Kinesiology and Health Promotion as my major. This field has taught me so much about the human body, exercise, and athleticism. Over the course of my third year, I decided on my career choice of Athletic Training. When the possibility of working at LEAP came upon me, I knew I had to take the chance and get more experience into such a unique role that would also give me experience for my major. Since becoming a coach, I have learned so much about coaching, leading, learning, and fun all in one.

Turning Point

My turning point was deciding that the University of Wyoming would be the choice for me. I come from California where everyone stays where they’re from. It was a big leap (ha) for me to take and come to a whole new world. I learned how to ski, was introduced to real camping, river kayaking, and backpacking. My main enemy was changing because although I have done a lot of it throughout my life, it has scared me every time to take that leap (ha again) of faith. My first semester here was rough and I wasn’t able to find my niche yet, but once I made the friends I still have currently, it turned my entire Wyoming experience around. I was able to get more involved socially and academically.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to get both adults and kids active and then keep them active. It can be difficult attaining health related goals, but with a fun environment like LEAP and interacting with others that are doing the same thing makes the whole experience that much more fun. I love the teammates I work with as well because they offer me new knowledge and are fun to be around. I want people who come here to be put into a new situation here and challenge themselves mentally and physically.

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