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Kids Ninja Classes

We start with an easy warm-up to get things moving and get our joints mobilized.  Then, we break up the class into groups where each group is at a similar skill level and age.  Each group will spend 10 minutes at three stations with breaks for water in between. Time permitting, the groups may come together to play one of our amazing and fun ninja games. We end class with a cool down stretch to help lengthen the muscles that were just put to the test.

Teen Ninja Classes

We have added a teen focused class starting at 5:00pm. This class is for kids 14 and older that want to get into obstacle course training including ninja obstacles and endurance based OCR races.

Adult Ninja Classes

We have added an adult class that also starts at 5:00pm. This class is designed for adults and is geared towards learning how to do ninja obstacles so they can show off to their kids or their peers. A great place to learn some mad ninja skills that can be used in Endurance based OCR races or ninja competitions.

Ninja Team

We have an amazing ninja team. Athletes on team are put through a rigorous practice involving a combination of obstacle courses, Endurance, and Strength. These athletes are demonstrating true Functional Fitness every day.  Most of these athletes are looking to compete at local, regional, national and international competitions. If you or your kids are interested in Team, please reach out to Derek for more information.

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